How To Make Moving With Pets Easy

The moving process can be stressful for anyone, from organising the family to ensuring everything is packed and ready in time. It can be even more taxing when you have pets. Thankfully, you can do a few things, so your move goes as smoothly as possible.  

Check Regulations

signing paperwork

If you are moving into a rented property, it is important to check if they allow you to keep pets or not, before you sign any paperwork. If you are moving abroad and taking your pet with you, make sure they have all the necessary vaccinations and you’ve completed any appropriate paperwork, from their passports to any proof of vaccinations.

Vet Appointments    


pet at vet

Before you move, figure out if you are staying close enough to your current vet or if you will need a new one. If so, it would be a good idea to research them beforehand, get in contact and book an appointment as soon as you can. This will give your pet and yourself a chance to adjust to the new vet before the big move.

Packing Their Belongings

dog on bed

Although packing your pet’s stuff might be quick and easy, it can cause your pet unnecessary distress and panic. Leave all their comforts for as long as possible or try packing single items over a long period of time, to give your pet a chance to slowly get used to it.

Update Any Tags

dog tag

Before the actual move, if you have an outdoor pet, prepare their ID tags with your new address. If you have an indoor pet, it is still a good idea to make sure they have a tag as a precaution.

Travel on The Day

traveling with dog

Although it would be ideal to leave your pet with family or friends on moving day, sometimes this isn’t an option. So, on the day, drive your pet to your new location in your own car, this will keep their surroundings as familiar as possible. If you know your pet suffers from travel sickness try not to feed them for a couple of hours before the travel.

During The Move

cat in empty room

When you arrive, leave your pet in a closed room with all of their comforts, plenty of water and food. This is will keep them away from any loud noises and strangers, ensure you check in on them regularly.

Stick to Routines

dog walk

As difficult as it might be, it is key to stick to your pet’s usual routine as much as possible, try to walk them and feed them at the normal times. This will make sure your pet stays calm and also acclimatises as quickly as possible.

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