Our Top Packing Tips

When you’re moving house, the most stressful and time-consuming aspect is usually the mammoth task of packing up everything securely and ready to be transported to your new location. Whether you’re moving on your own, with children, with pets or a combination, packing is always difficult. So, here are our key ways to pack effectively.

Start As Early As Possible

woman carrying moving box

Once you’ve confirmed your moving date, it better to start packing as early as you can, this will give you the opportunity to take your time and not rush. If you’re waiting to sell your house, packing early means you’re ready to go with minimal notice.


person carrying 3 stacked boxes

Over time, naturally, we collect ‘stuff’, from clothing you’ve never worn to belongings which hold sentimental value. This is a great opportunity to decide what things you do want to take with you, what you no longer need and what could potentially go into storage. 

Label Every Box

We recommend labelling every box with what room it’s for and numbers too. As extreme as it sounds, this is an efficient way to ensure on moving day, you know how many boxes you have and where they should be unpacked. 

Packing Clothing

pile of clothing

You can purchase specialised clothing packing boxes which can mean you don’t need to remove all the hangers from clothing. 

Consider Storage

charles wood storage interior

If you’re downsizing on a short term basis or indefinitely and you aren’t sure if you’re going to require everything, self-storage is a great way to help you organise.

Book Your Packing Service

Ultimately, we know packing for a move can be a long and arduous task, so we offer a quick and easy packing service. Our specialist team will ensure all of your valuables are packed securely, ready for their new home. If you’re based in or around the Oxfordshire area requiring packaging & removals, contact our team on 01865 747 555 or use our online contact form, to see how our services can help you.