The 5 Minute Guide to Self Storage

If you are thinking about self storage but are unsure as to the specifics at Charles Wood, we have created a quick guide in order to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

How does self storage work?


Self storage is like a temporary or permanent extension to your current home or business where you need some extra space.  Self storage can come in lots of different formats depending on the size of the location itself.  Most importantly your goods will be in a dry and secured location for when you return to them.


Why might I need self storage?


There are many different reasons as to why you may need self storage either on a permanent or temporary basis.  however these are some of the following themes or reasons you may need to consider some self storage in the future:


  • Seasonal storage
  • Large domestic projects e.g  house extensions or house remodelling
  • Office move
  • House move
  • Family or friend moving to a different area or country


How to store items in a self storage unit?


Just like if you were storing items at your home or place of work you need to make sure items are properly packaged. Furthermore it is best to make sure that you make an inventory list of all the things that you wish to store. If we are helping with a removal with items that are going into storage, as a part of our process Charles Wood will make an inventory. If you provide us with an inventory list we will then use this.


If you need help with packaging and packaging materials Charles Wood can also help with this.


What items should you not put in self storage?


In may seem obvious but Charles Woods prohibit the following items being stored in our storage units:


  • Flammable goods
  • Good or items that are perishable
  • Livestock of any sort


Also wet items are not allowed. If you are going to require an item on a regular basis then it is probably best that you keep it aside to avoid having to unlock your secure unit all the time.

Can Charles Wood store archive paperwork?


Yes we most certainly can. We have a specialist secure achieving storage service for any and all historical documents. We have racking set up in our specialist archive room and can offer archive collection and retrieval service upon request.

How much does a self storage unit cost?


As we provide storage for both commercial and domestic customers each requirement is going to be different. Therefore, in order to give a correct costing please call us on 01865 747555 where we will be able to assist you with an accurate price for your needs.