Tips For Moving House With A Young Family

Every house move is at least a little bit stressful, but moving with young children can take that stress to a whole new level. However old they are, every parent knows that children come with a lot of stuff that needs organising, packing and moving to your new home. Add in having to keep a close eye on the kids while you’re busy, and you’ve got a recipe for stress.

Luckily, there are some simple ways you can minimise the stress of moving with young children and ensure everyone reaches your new home with a smile on their face.

Get The Whole Family Involved

If your children are a little older, getting them to pack their own belongings can be a big help. Or maybe you could arm them with a permanent marker and put them in charge of labelling boxes once they’re packed. Having tasks and responsibilities on moving day will help keep children occupied and should make the move easier for the grown-ups too.

Keep Their Favourite Things Close To Hand

Try to avoid packing their favourite stuff until the last minute. Books, toys or games can keep children entertained while you are busy packing the rest of the house and can also come in handy if you have a long car journey to your new home. 

Call In Reinforcements

Babies and younger children might find your moving day a little overwhelming, so call in support from family or friends to take care of them while you pack and move. Children of any age might find the process tiring and a little boring, so it might be worth having backup childcare on hand if they want to escape the house.

Time Your Move Carefully

When picking your moving day, consider whether you want to move during term time or in the school holidays. Would it be easier if the youngsters were in school on moving day, or do you need all hands on deck for packing? School holidays are a more popular time to move, so bear this in mind when choosing a date and booking a removals company.

Unpack Their Stuff First

As well as having a box with moving day essentials such as a kettle and cleaning supplies that you can quickly unpack, make a box of kids essentials to unpack first. Include toys and snacks to keep them happy as you unpack and organise the new house.

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