Top Facts To Know About Removal Companies

A removal company can offer extra pairs of hands to take care of the heavy lifting and make moving day much less stressful. If you’re considering hiring a removal company to help with your next move, here’s everything you need to know about what they do and how they work.


What Do Removal Companies Do?

Removal companies help homeowners and renters move from one property to another, whether moving house across town or further afield across the country. Many companies also offer commercial removals for businesses relocating to new premises, and some complete European or international removals too. 

Instead of hiring a van or filling your car with boxes and making multiple trips to your new home, a removal company can accommodate all of your belongings and furniture in a large truck, ensuring everything is transported in one go. Hiring a removal company also means all the heavy lifting will be done for you, which is particularly useful for older homeowners or solo movers. 

To make moving day even easier, most removal companies also provide packing materials and many will offer a packing service to ensure everything is packed safely and securely ready to be moved.


When Should a Removal Company Be Arranged?

Get in touch with a removal company four to six weeks before your planned move date to allow time for a pre-move survey and comparing quotes. Keep in mind that removal companies can be fully booked far in advance during busy periods like school holidays, so book early to avoid disappointment.

If you don’t have a specific moving date yet, don’t worry, as many companies can still provide a quote. However, Charles Woods does not take provisional bookings. 


What Should I Expect From a Removal Company?

You can expect your removal company to move all belongings from your old property to your new home, including items from the garden and garage. The removal team will move both boxes that have been pre-packed with items, as well as furniture that is too large to box up. 

Belongings can be moved from both up and downstairs, so you don’t need to move items downstairs before the removal company arrives. However, you may need to empty the loft if you have one, as many companies are unable to empty lofts.

All of these things will be safely loaded into a truck ready for transport, with appropriate protection in place to prevent any breakages during transit. The contents of your house will then be driven to your new home, where they will be unloaded by the removal company and placed in the rooms of your choice.

What Questions Should I Ask a Removal Company?

Before moving day, most removal companies will carry out a pre-move survey, which will allow them to assess the contents of your home, how much there is to move, and any potential access issues like stairs or parking. This survey also offers a good opportunity to ask any questions you have, which might include;


  • Does the company offer a packing service? This can save time and hassle when moving house.
  • Can the company provide a full written quotation? This is useful when comparing quotes from different firms and removes the risk of hidden costs.
  • What size trucks does the company use? This will give you an idea of whether all of your belongings can be transported in one go, or whether multiple trips will be needed.
  • Does the company provide packing materials? This can ensure you have the right kit to safely pack your things.
  • Can the company provide their insurance details? This will allow you to check that all valuable items are covered by their policy, and arrange additional cover if required.


How Do I Choose a Removal Company?

Recommendations from family and friends are a good way to find a reliable removal company, especially if someone you know has moved recently in the local area. Most removal companies can provide testimonials on request and many publish these on their website for potential customers to view. 

Availability on your moving date and the cost of the move are two key factors when choosing a company, so it can be useful to contact a few different companies to compare availability and prices before making a choice.


What Will Removal Companies Not Move?

There isn’t much that a removal company won’t move, however most companies have a small number of restricted items that can’t be transported by their team. These often include;

  • Hazardous materials, including chemicals, paint, motor oil or gas canisters.
  • Perishable food which could spoil – also, freezers should be defrosted before moving (unless only moving a short distance where nothing will defrost).
  • Pets, who should be transported separately with you.


If in doubt, double check with your removals company who will be able to provide a definitive list of the items that cannot be moved.


How Long Does It Take To Load a Removal Van?

This very much depends on the size of the job itself and what the exact requirements are.

If it’s a 1 day move we would load in the morning 8am – midday & unload in the afternoon. 


How Long Does It Take To Pack a Three Bed House?

Generally it will take one or two days to pack up the entire contents of a three bed house ready for moving, with each box taking roughly 15 to 20 minutes to pack. One way to save time when moving house is to hire a removal company that offers a packing service, who will attend your property in the days leading up to your move to ensure everything is packed securely. This frees you up to focus on work or other tasks before moving day. 


Do Removal Companies Provide Boxes?

Many removal companies can provide boxes for an additional fee to enable you to pack up the contents of your property. In addition to packing boxes, we use packing paper as this can be recycled. We don’t use labels as you the customer can write on the tape / box itself. This way there is no confusion over naming conventions.


Do Removal Companies Dismantle Furniture?

If furniture is too large to be removed from your home in one piece, it will need to be dismantled prior to moving. Check with your removal company during your pre-move survey whether they will be able to dismantle items like bed frames and large sofas for you. Providing they are not specialist items or glued together!


Do Removal Companies Charge VAT?

Removal companies in the UK charge VAT and this should be included in the written quotation provided by your chosen company.


Which Removal Company Operates in Oxford?

For those moving in or around Oxford, or relocating to or from the city, Charles Wood and Sons is one of the leading local removal companies in Oxfordshire. With an optional packing service available, and an experienced team who have helped hundreds of homeowners move, we aim to make moving day as easy as possible. To enquire about moving with us, call 01865 747555, or complete our contact form to send our team a message.